Your safety is always important to us.  There security service is always making rounds checking on the properties.  If you have a concern or need assistance, call Seven Springs Security Services at 814-352-7911.

House Rules

While we want you to have a great time in our home, we also want to make sure our home is taken care of so other guests can enjoy it too.  Below are some Do's and Don't for The Village Moose.

  • Do...
    • Leave the home in tidy order as you found it
    • Turn the main water valve off before check out
    • Leave the heat set to 60 degrees in the winter and turn the air off in the summer before check out
    • Take all trash to the dumpster in the parking lot when you check out
    • Close and lock all windows and door when you check out
  • Do Not...
    • Smoke in the unit
    • Leave the gas fireplace on when you leave or when you go to bed
    • Put anything in the gas fireplace
    • Bring pets 
    • Rearrange the decor or furniture

​Local Hospital

For medical emergency dial 911.  Should you need a hospital and are able to drive, Somerset Hospital is the closest.