Individual or group renting (hereinafter referred to as Lessee) and Owner agree to the following concerning the short term rental of the property located at 8051 Meadowridge Drive in The Villages of Seven Springs.

Terms of the agreement:

    1. Term of Rental: Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the Rental Period shall begin at 4 pm on Check-In date and expires at 11 am on Check-Out date.

    2. Agreement Acceptance:  Your signature and acceptance of this agreement or payment is evidence of your acceptance of this agreement.  This agreement may not be assigned by Lessee and the Lessee may not sublet the premises.  Lessee acknowledges and understands that he/she is subject to “Expedited Eviction” by which the Rental Period shall be terminated immediately and no refunds will be given for unused rent if Lessee (1) Commits a material breach of this Short Term Rental Agreement or (2) Obtains possession of the property by fraud or misrepresentation. 

     3. Rental Fee and Cleaning Fee: The Rental Fee shall include the use of the furnished unit, its contents, and paid utilities.   A per stay Cleaning Fee is also required.

     4. Security/Damage Deposit:    Lessee agrees to buy damage protection insurance (if offered) when booking the dates or to pay a security/damage deposit of $250.  Should the security/damage deposit not cover the damages, Lessees agree to be responsible for any and all additional amounts applicable. The deposit is not applied towards rent; however, it is fully refundable within 14 days upon return of all keys to the unit, provided the following provisions are met:

       (a) No damage is done to unit or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear;

       (b) No charges are incurred due to theft of any contents of the unit;

       (c) The Lessees leaves the premises in neat and orderly condition;

       (d) All debris, rubbish and discards are placed in the dumpster in the parking lot;

       (e) No linens are lost or damaged;

       (f) Lessee has paid for a one time normal cleaning fee.  Normal cleaning, as defined by the Owner, includes cleaning all bathrooms, washing linens, vacuuming, floors, and dusting.  The Lessee agrees that any cleaning that is deemed above or beyond the normal cleaning or cleaning up from pets will be deducted directly from the Lessee’s security/damage deposit prior to refund;

       (g) All keys are returned to the Owner. 

       (h) Heat is left ON and set to 60 degrees during the winter.  All fires must be completely extinguished and the water must be turned off using the main shut-off valve in utility closet.  The A/C must be turned off in the summer.  All doors and windows must be closed and locked;  Lessee agrees to pay for all damages caused by not performing these tasks;

       (i) The Lessee is not evicted by the Owner (or representative of the Owner), the local law enforcement or the security company employed by the complex.

  5. Cancellations:  All Rental Fees are refundable as follows for cancellations notice in regard to Check-In date:

       (a) More than 30 days from Check-In - 100% of Rental Fees;

       (b) Less than 30 but more than 14 days from Check-In – 50% of Rental Fees;

       (c) 14 days or less from Check-In – No Refund of Rental Fees. 

       (d) All Security/Damage deposits and cleaning fees are refundable for Cancellations.

       (e) In the event that the unit or surrounding properties become uninhabitable due to fire, flood, theft, water damage or other unforeseeable circumstances, a full refund of all Rental Fees paid by Lessee shall be returned to the Lessee and this agreement shall terminate without further responsibility of the Owner.

       (f) In the event that the unit is sold and the buyer does not wish to continue renting the unit, a full refund of all Rental Fees paid by Lessee shall be returned to the Lessee and this agreement shall terminate without further responsibility of the Owner.

   6. Occupancy Limits:  The maximum occupancy of this unit is seven (7) persons. Lessee agrees to limit the occupants to this maximum number and to be responsible for any damages done by any person occupying this unit during the Term of Rental.

   7. Prohibited Activities:  All disruptive behavior such as excessive noise and illegal activity are strictly prohibited within the unit and community areas. Lessee shall not use, occupy or permit the described premises or any part thereof to be used or occupied for any unlawful, illegal, immoral or hazardous purpose. Lessee agrees and acknowledges full responsibility for Lessee and all guests and occupants identified on this agreement and otherwise permitted entry into the unit.

        (a) Rearranging of furniture is not permitted;  
        (b) Charcoal grilling shall not be allowed in or close to the rental building including the deck;
        (c) NO SMOKING is permitted in the unit.  If evidence of smoking is discovered in the unit, the Lessee will be evicted without refund or recourse and will be billed a $250 cleaning fee; 

    8. Fires:  This unit has a gas fireplace. Lessee agrees to never put anything in or near the fire and to never leave the fire unattended while lit. The fireplace must be set to off and all fires extinguished before sleeping or leaving the unit. The fireplace screens must be closed and the glass fireplace doors must be open at all times while a fire is lit. CO2 detectors and other fire alarms may not be moved, tampered with or unplugged by the Lessee.

   9. Pet Policy: Lessee agrees to be responsible and liable for the pet(s) actions at all times and also agrees to the following conditions:
       (a) A $50 per pet fee is charged per stay and a maximum of 2 pets is permitted.
       (b) Only fully housebroken dogs and cats are permitted.  Lessee agrees to clean up after their pet(s), both inside the unit, and in all common areas and other parts of the property. All waste left by pet must be disposed of directly into the dumpster in the parking lot.  If a cat is staying with you, you’ll need to provide a litter box.
       (c) Lessee agrees that the pet(s) will be under their control at all times and must be on a leash or in a carrier when outside the unit. Pet(s) may remain alone in the condo so long as the pet is well-behaved. However, if your pet is disturbing other guests/staff or causing damage, then it cannot be left alone. Lessee is responsible for preventing their pet from making excessive noise, being disruptive or aggressive to other pets and people at all times. If the owner receives complaints that are not rectified by the Lessee, Owner has the right to “Expedited Eviction” as defined in Sect. 2.
      (d) If the unit requires excessive cleaning, or if damages are incurred as a result of your pet’s actions, you will be charged for additional services and repairs from your damage deposit unless you have purchased the damage protection insurance.
      (e) Pet(s) are prohibited from Villages Club areas including but not limited to pools, playground and court areas.

  10. Personal Items:  Lost or forgotten items are the responsibility of the Lessee.  Owner assumes no responsibility for these items, but will assist Lessee in the recovery and return of the items at the Lessee’s expense.   

   11. Ski Equipment:  All ski boots shall be removed in the entry only.  Absolutely no skis, snowboards, or bicycles permitted indoors.  There is a locked ski closet to store your equipment in the vestibule of the unit.

   12. Off-Limit Areas:  All locked interior doors are off limits to Lessees.

   13. Additional Items:  Lessees are responsible for providing their own towels, toiletries, and other consumables.  Lessee agrees and acknowledges that construction may be ongoing at this or adjoining or nearby properties and that Owner is not responsible for any objectionable noise or activity related to the same.

    14. Indemnity:  Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Owner from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person as a result of any cause or failure of Owner to comply with any governing law or statutes unless caused by negligent or willful act of Owner or the Owner’s assigned representative. Lessee agrees that Owner or its agents may enter the premises during reasonable hours upon reasonable notice to Lessee to inspect the premises, to make such repairs, alterations or improvements thereto as Owner may deem appropriate, or to show the unit to prospective purchasers or Lessees.

   15. Venue:  This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without regard to its conflict of laws provisions. Any dispute with regard to this agreement shall be resolved in the Court of Common Pleas of Washington County, the personal jurisdiction of which is acknowledged.

By accepting this agreement, I (we) swear that I am (we are) at least twenty-one (21) years of age.  I (we) also agree to abide by the above conditions and hereby swear that the information provided is true.