What To Do If Something's Wrong?

I'm sorry if you're experiencing a problem at The Village Moose.  I want all my guest to have 5 star stays so let's get this vacation back on track!  Feel free to call me (412) 979-2491 at any time for help or to discuss and issue.  But below are a few problems that sometimes happen and how they're usually resolved.

Common Issues

Sometimes a GFI Outlet or circuit breaker will trip at The Village Moose.  To reset the GFI outlet, press the TEST button.  

If an Electrical Circuit Trips, reset it (turn it on) in the electrical panel which is in the master bedroom behind the tapestry above the dresser.

Because of the intensity of the weather in the mountains, the home sometimes experiences Power Outages.  Check to see if other units are also out then call me and I will help you get access to a flashlight or two and make sure the power company is notified of the outage and expected repair times.

If the WiFi is or Cable is Out, it may be a problem with something in the home and diagnostics need to be run within the home.  For immediate assistance in getting you back online, the cable, modem and WiFi are maintained under contract with Armstrong Cable.  For issues, call Armstrong Cable at (800) 640-4751.  Refer to Acct #0453160-01 for address 8051 Meadowridge owner Susan Parker. They will walk you through a diagnostic procedure and try to get you back online ASAP.

If you are having a Problem with the Access Code on the front door and are within your check in/check out time frame, please call me and I will walk you through the procedure or get you a different means of access.

Again, don't hesitate to call me with any question or issues.

The Gas Fireplace has an automatic ignition and is controlled by a timer on the right stone wall of the fireplace exterior.  Open the glass doors to the firebox and turn the timer past 10 and the fire will automatically light. The fire will extinguish when the timer reaches zero.  Do not try to light the fire with any external flame or put anything in the fireplace.

All TVs have Cable Channels.  Use cable remote to turn on the TV and the cable will play automatically.  There are guides by the TVs that list the station and the TV input and accessory instructions.

The Blu-ray is in the living room on the shelf to the right of the fireplace.  The Player will also play DVDs and CDs as well as games, weather, Pandora (internet music) other Internet@TV options and Netflix movies on demand. To play Pandora or Netflix, turn on power to both TV and Blu-ray using the labeled remotes. Then use the remote labeled "TV" and change the input to the Blu Ray player.  Use the Blu Ray remote to select Netflix or Pandora and play your selection.

WiFi is available at The Village Moose.  WiFi is maintained by Armstrong Cable.  If you should have any difficulty, please call Armstrong at (800) 640-4751 for assistance. Refer to 8051 Meadowridge Drive, account #0453160-01 under Susan Parker. The network is "Moose WiFi" and the password is case sensitive and is ILoveMoose2

While you're at The Village Moose, I hope you'll relax in the master bath Whirlpool Tub.  Fill the tub above the jets.  Turn the wall switch to on and press the button on the tub to start the whirlpool.  The knobs on the tub can be used to control the intensity of the jets.

Free Shuttle Service is included with your stay.  The shuttle driver will take you up the mountain to a ski trail access point or to any of the resort buildings.  During ski season weekends and holidays, the shuttle runs continuously and is on call at other times.  Make sure the bus is going to "The Villages" if you are riding it back to The Village Moose. You can call for a shuttle pick up at (800) 452-2223 x5000.  You can catch the shuttle by the sign at the Meadowridge Entrance.  

Ski, Snowboard, Boot and Golf Equipment can be stored in the equipment closed. The key on the ledge by the front door can be used to lock the equipment closet while you are here.  The equipment closet is located in the entryway (the closet on the right) before you enter The Village Moose condo.  Make sure the closet is left UNLOCKED and return the key to the same location when you check out.  You will be charged a fee if the key is not returned.

How's This Work?

For insurance purposes, the Main Water Valve is shut off when the home is not in use.  To turn the water on, please use the main water valve on the right hand side in the utility closet that is adjacent to the peninsula counter in the kitchen.  It's the door by the wine rack on the wall.

Air and Heat can be controlled by the thermostat in the dining room.  Set the switch to cool or hot and adjust the temperature.​