​Contact Information
I want all my guest to have 5 star experiences at The Village Moose.  If there is anything I can do to make your stay better, please reach out to me.  Or in case you can't reach me, you can call my husband, Adam.

Sue Parker 412-979-2491
Adam Parker 412-352-6499

Check In/Check Out

Normal check in is 4:00 pm and check out is 11:00 am, but if you love the mountains and The Village Moose as much as I do, you’ll want to spend some extra time there!  If I'm able to extend your time based on other guests, I'll definitely provide you with the Bonus Time!  Please check your Access Code email for your specific Check In and Check Out times. 

Locks and Keys
​The Village Moose front door runs on a numeric keypad with unique date and time stamped access codes.  I'll send you an email with your code and check in/check out times about a week before your stay.  Your access code information will look like this:

          Guest: Bill Smith
          Access Code: 030-374-3131#
          Check in After: Oct 07, 2018 12:00 PM
          Check Out Before: Oct 10, 2018 4:00 PM

If you have ski or golf equipment, please store them in the lockable Equipment Closet in the vestibule next to the Front Door of the home.  There's a key in the home on the shelf when you enter the condo that will lock the equipment closet.  Please be sure to leave the ski closet unlocked and to return the key to the shelf when you leave.  This key must be returned to initiate the refund of the damage deposit.  


Utility Closet with Main Water Valve

Front Door with Keypad

Equipment Closet

Other Important Things to Know
​The main water valve may be shut off when you arrive to prevent water damage.  The water can be turned on using the main water valve on the right in the closet next to the kitchen peninsula.  Please shut the water off and leave the heat on at 60 degrees in the winter and turn off the air conditioning in the summer when you check out. Also, there's no phone in the home. Please bring a cell phone with you.​


This vacation home is located at 8051 Meadowridge Drive, which is in The Villages complex at the top of the mountain at Seven Springs (Champion, PA - 15622).  To get to the unit, turn onto Waterwheel Dr. at the main Seven Springs entrance. (There is a real Waterwheel there.  Note: This is not the golf area or North Entrance) Make the first left onto Village Drive before you get to the welcome booths.  Follow the road to the top of the mountain.  Make the second right into Meadowridge and right to the unit.